The real reason why you’re stuck with problems in your life…..

When you’re in a state of fear, anxiety, worry, or stress, your biological nervous system activates the Survival Fight or Flight part of your brain. This is a natural response designed to protect you from immediate danger. However, when this part of your brain is activated, it literally shuts down the Creative Brain, including your intuition.

This happens because your brain prioritizes survival over creativity. In a state of fear or anxiety, your brain believes you’re in immediate danger and needs to focus all its resources on survival. As a result, it shuts down functions that are not immediately necessary for survival, including the Creative Brain.

This is why you often feel confused and can’t find the answer to your problem when you’re stressed. Your Creative Brain, which is designed to solve problems and help you be your best, is not functioning optimally.

However, when you release fear, stress, and worry, you open up the Creative Brain again. This allows you to see the next step, act on it, get the right result, and then see the next step. This is the most efficient way for you to live and solve your problems.

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