Stop Your Divorce

- Even When Your Spouse Doesn't Want to!

Save Your Marriage Today and Get Back to that Place You Once Were... In Love... Committed and Excited About The Future!

If You Are Still Very Much In Love With Your Spouse...

You Can Stop Your Divorce and Save Your Marriage
Even When Your Spouse Doesn't Want to!

Liam Naden

Dear Friend,

Let’s start with the truth…

Your marriage has hit rock bottom.

All of your hopes and dreams and expectations for the life that you would have with your spouse have all been shattered. Everything that you once held dear is now in tatters, and you are struggling to pick up the pieces.

Your days are endless, seemingly vain struggles, to hold on to one last shred of hope, and yet, everything you do seems to push you further from what you want – a joyous reunion with your spouse.

You are tense, you can’t focus, you are barely able to put on a normal face and make it through the day.

Your whole world is crashing down around you, and you don’t know where to go next – no matter what you do everything seems hopeless, and each day brings you closer to final destruction.

Your marriage is sinking and your life is going with it. Will you stop it before it is too late?

Right now, I am going to throw you a lifeline. These simple things that I am about to share with you will allow you to get your head above the water and help you bring your marriage up from the murky depths. Read closely and do exactly as I tell you, RIGHT NOW.

Even if it seems pointless, even if it hurts your pride. If your marriage is as important to you as I think it is – there is no time to lose.

Whatever you are trying to do to save your marriage – STOP IT NOW!

Whatever it is, it is obviously not working, or you would not be here reading this now.

Well-meaning as it may be, what you are really doing is pushing your spouse further away.

You are going to have to readjust your thinking and move in a totally new direction if you are going to bring your spouse back – possibly from the arms of another.

I’m willing to bet you’ve tried everything you can think of to stop your divorce – begging them to stay, going to counseling or therapy, trying to “love them” into staying by showing them how much you love them, etc, etc

But NOTHING has worked, right? In fact, it’s probably even made things worse! And that’s because…. these are all the WRONG things to do to save your marriage!

Let go of your pride. As we speak, your pride and the idea that you are right and your spouse is wrong is lessening the chance of your marriage ever being reconciled.

If you are accusing your spouse of cheating, holding past hurts over his or her head, and being suspicious of your spouse at every turn, YOU ARE THE REASON THE MARRIAGE IS BROKEN.

Think about it. Would you want to live the rest of your life in that kind of situation – or would you run to the open arms of that sweet, fun-loving person who accepts and respects you?

Break the chains of negativity and bring your spouse running back to be with you.

Create the LOVE, DESIRE, and COMMITMENT in your marriage that you have always wanted, and ensure that your marriage will never face destruction again.

The only difference between a successful marriage and the one that ends in divorce, is that in the successful marriage – the couple didn’t give up

It’s that simple. At least one of them fought for something worth fighting for, and eventually – though it probably wasn’t easy – they won. They won! Not only for themselves, but for their spouse and possibly for their children. And they are now living together stronger and happier than ever before.

It is just beautiful! I have seen it happen over and over again – and you and your spouse can experience it too.

My Stop Your Divorce program will change the way to look at and nurture your most important relationship – your marriage. It will help you sift through the lies and doubts, re-establish the lines of communication, and teach you how to rebuild your marriage – one brick at a time – starting at the bottom, where it is now. My program will help you rekindle the love and reconnect, overcoming past hurts and building a healthy, strong marriage for the future.

I have seen even the most horrific, pain filled, and destructive marriages – some that even I didn’t think had a chance – turn completely around and become even more loving, caring, supportive, and intimate, just by applying the wisdom that I share in my program.

Many, many people have saved their marriage from issues such as:

  • Constant bickering and conflict
  • Cheating
  • Withdrawal from the marriage, both emotionally and physically
  • Old hurts and deceptions
  • Inability to communicate effectively or non-existent communication
  • An overbearing, untrusting spouse
  • In-law or family issues
  • Money or financial problems
  • Mismatched partners
  • And MORE!

My name is Liam Naden. As a relationship and marriage coach and best-selling author, I have helped numerous couples stop divorce and rebuild their marriage with the simple, straightforward information contained in my program. It can do the same for your marriage – even if you are currently the only one who is trying to save it.


“Stop Your Divorce: Save Your Marriage When Your Spouse Doesn’t Want To.”

This is a revolutionary program that will show you exactly how you can get your marriage back together – more quickly and easily than you can imagine.

If you're trying to save your marriage on your own, you will find this program gives you the extra tools you need.

You will learn how to bring your marriage back from the brink of divorce.

Save on those expensive lawyers and feel the sense of relief that your marriage is not headed for divorce, even if the papers have been served!

My Stop Your Divorce program will show you:

  • The REAL reason why your spouse wants to leave you (and it’s not what you think!)
  • The Four Key things you must do to bring your spouse towards you rather than push them away from you
  • How to get your spouse to stop having an affair
  • How to get your spouse to work with you on saving your marriage, no matter how cold or distant they are at the moment
  • How to get your spouse to realise that YOU are the one they really love
  • How to get them to feel attracted towards you again
  • The ONE thing you MUST focus on that will bring them back – no matter how far “past the point of no return” you are in your marriage

This is NOT counselling
Marriage counselling has a 70% failure rate!

And most likely your spouse doesn’t want to go with you anyway!

“Stop Your Divorce” is a cutting-edge system that will show you how to break through your spouse’s resistance and have them realise that YOU are the one they want to be with.


Thanks for all of the advice and for putting out this amazing program. With all of the tools and knowledge you have given me, my future looks bright.

Steve H., California

The programs are amazing and are helping me so much to realize what has been happening.

Lucy C., US

The Stop Your Divorce Program is Set Up To Fit Into Your Lifestyle!

When I created the Stop Your Divorce program I wanted to ensure that everyone would have the time to complete it. There is no point in starting something if you do not have the time to complete it or can’t fit into your schedule. I know your life is already in shambles and I only want to help you.

This is why I designed the Stop Your Divorce program to be instantly accessible and you can download all of the materials onto your computer or your mobile device.

Daily Lessons

This is a 7 day program. Each day there is an audio to listen to and an exercise to complete. Listen to the audio at your convenience – even download it and listen to it in your car while driving.

Instant Access

Because your marriage is in crisis you need to start immediately! As soon as you sign up you will receive immediate access to the materials, which are all online and can be downloaded onto your computer or mobile device.

Do Not Let Another Day Go By! You Can Stop Your Divorce NOW!

Stop hoping that your spouse will change their mind and do something that will save your marriage! As I mentioned earlier, the only difference between a successful marriage and the one that ends in divorce, is that in the successful marriage – the couple didn’t give up.

So don’t you give up.

Join my Stop Your Divorce Program now for a one time payment of just $167!

This will be the best investment that you will ever put into your marriage!

Here is what you get when you enrol today:

#1: the Stop your divorce System

11 Audio Lessons

Instantly downloadable so you can start immediately to heal your marriage.
Fits into your schedule: Listen at a time and place that suits you (driving, working out, etc).

It's 7 days of audios and worksheets with another two valuable bonuses: 

  • my special "Spouse Letter". If all seems lost send them this powerful letter. It will get them to see you in a different way and reconsider their decision!

  • The PERT technique. This simple, unique and powerful technique will create an instant change in your spouse's attitude. It alone has helped save many marriages. It is available ONLY through this program.

9 Worksheets

These simple yet extremely powerful worksheets will rapidly increase your learning and the progress you make in rebuilding your marriage.

you also receive these valuable bonuses absolutely free

Free Bonus #1: 

1-Month access to “Growing in Love for Life” Podcast Library ($19 value)

My podcast has become one of the most popular on the internet but most of the episodes are NOT available to the public.

You receive full access to the complete library: currently 63 episodes (some with worksheets) with more being added.

This is a collection of audios that you can access and listen to any time. Download them and keep them on your computer or mobile device for quick and easy reference.

The library covers a huge range of marriage problems and situations, with new solutions and insights.

It is a resource you will come back to again and again as you and your spouse grow closer together and gain new understandings of your marriage!

Free Bonus #2: 

“Real Intimacy: The 9 Habits of Great Relationships” (EBook) ($29 value)

When I first wrote and published this book, world-renowned romance author Michael Webb commented: “Wonderfully done!”

I no longer sell the book. It is available exclusively for YOU when you enrol in this program.

In this 78-page ebook (which you can download and print or read online) you will learn the 9 Habits that couples in all great marriages have. As you continue to rebuild your marriage, you will learn the 9 things you need to do to keep your marriage strong and growing every day.

You will also learn how to easily make these 9 things a natural part of your life. As you do, you will find a deeper intimacy in your marriage than you ever thought possible. And you and your spouse will experience a renewed passion and love in your marriage, one that only grows stronger with time.

When you have the 9 habits of a great relationship - yours becomes and stays one!

Free Bonus #3: 

“The Five Pillars of a Great Marriage” (EBook) ($19 value)

This is another book I have written that is exclusively yours through this program. It is not sold anywhere else.

You will learn the true secrets of a lasting and loving marriage: the Five Foundational Pillars on which all great marriages are built.

With these Five Pillars in place in your marriage, you won't have outside events knock you and your spouse off track. Your marriage will be virtually unbreakable. You will feel a sense of peace about your marriage, no matter what is going on around you. And not only that, you will be an inspiration to your family and friends as they see you and your spouse truly living the marriage that everyone dreams of yet very few attain!


Both of your programs make a lot of sense. In the short time that we have been listening to the audio files and doing the exercises, there has been a fundamental shift in our relationship.

Mark H., US

When I joined this program I was desperate, the women I loved, my best friend of over 25 years and mother of my 3 children had sparked a flame with an old boyfriend and came home from a trip wanting a divorce. My world crashed and I saw everything I loved walking out the door with her. Joining this program was a hope and a prayer and to be honest I didn't think it would work but I felt I had to try something. Thank goodness I did! It not only changed her decision, but it changed me. I am confident, stronger than ever and have benefitted from realizing what was missing in my life, my marriage and our kids lives. Change was and is hard, and not every idea came with a positive outcome, but the totality of the ideas did give me the outcome I wanted and deserved. I wasn't a believer but I certainly am now.

Nathan K., California

Let me ask you…

If one of your children came to you and said:

“Daddy or Mommy, I wish you had stayed together – did you really try everything to stay married?”

what would YOUR answer be…?

Could you look them in the eye and tell them you had the COURAGE to do whatever it took to create a happy marriage and that you refused to admit defeat?

Your marriage is too important to throw away. With just a little bit of the right information you can save it – and have the relationship you truly want and deserve.

I look forward to helping you.

Recap of everything you get with

the Stop your divorce Program

  • Instant access to the Stop Your Divorce Modules
  • 1-Months access to the Podcast Library
  • “Real Intimacy: The 9 Habits of Great Relationships” (EBook)
  • “The Five Pillars of a Great Marriage” (EBook)

Total Value of $ 234

You Pay 1 Payment of
And Save $67


I don’t want my spouse to know about this. What will appear on my credit card statement for this payment?

Can I play the audios on my MP3 player?

Should I tell my spouse I am doing this program?

Will all of my details stay anonymous and what will it show on my credit card statement?

Does your system have anything to do with subliminal messages, mind control or any other ways of manipulating or controlling my spouse?

Why is this system better than counselling?