Speaking and Workshop Presentations

Liam Naden is available as a speaker and workshop presenter. If you have an event where participants would benefit from a presentation on strengthening their marriage, Liam has a range of topics and formats available. He can tailor the presentation to suit your requirements.

Topics Liam can present on include:

  • - improving your marriage
  • - communication
  • - sex and intimacy
  • - alternative sexuality and relationships
  • - avoiding divorce
  • and more…

Contact Malene by email: malene@liamnaden.com to discuss your requirements.


I purchased your 7 Day Stop Your Divorce Program and your 30 Day Save Your Marriage Program. My wife had a loss of love, and possibly a mid life crisis all at the same time and wanted a divorce. I purchased your course the next day after she told me she was 100% done with our marriage and wanted a divorce. And I went to work immediately on me.
Fast forward, a few weeks back everything started to change. My wife became inquisitive about my changes and started giving me compliments and slowly has been discussing possible reconciliation. She cannot believe what your course has done for our communication as well I have redirected my life to being active.
Our talks are deep, emotional, and the best we have ever had. I cannot tell you how much our communication has changed and how its affecting every aspect of our relationship. I have truly missed my best friend.

Richard K., Florida, USA