Podcast Episode 11

If you’ve listened to previous episodes of this show, you’ll know by now that life is not meant to be a struggle!

The way your body is designed is to ensure that you live the best life possible, one in which you not only survive but thrive, free from problems and able to handle any threats or dangers that come your way. 

Of course the better you are, the more able you are to survive and thrive, and play a part in ensuring the survival, not only of yourself but of the human species as a whole. 

And this wiring to be your best to survive and thrive is what we as humans have in common with every other living species on the planet as well.

And to make sure this happens you have a special machine called your brain. 

Your brain’s sole job is to make sure you survive and thrive by whatever means necessary. 

There are four parts to your brain and when you have them working together perfectly, you get the perfect result. 

But when they’re not working together the right way you end up with problems in your life.

So problems are simply a sign that your brain machine is not working the right way. 

I’ve explained exactly how this works in previous episodes.

But if problems are simply a sign that you are using your brain the wrong way, then there’s another major downside in how your brain works when it comes to solving your problems. 

And that is:

If you feel negative emotions such as fear, stress, anxiety and frustration, you shut down your brain’s problem-solving abilities. 

You block off the parts of the brain that contain your creativity, intuition and motivation. 

So the biggest lesson of all is to realise that the only way you can solve problems in your life is to eliminate fear. 

It’s only then that your brain can find the real solutions to what you want. 

That makes the only real goal of your life to get rid of your fear. 

To learn to live without fears. 

Fear is only useful in one specific type of situation, and that’s when you’re faced with an immediate threat or danger. 

Something that could harm you physically right in the moment. 

That’s when your brain kicks you into Survival State, and it activates your “fight, flight or freeze response” so that you react without thinking to eliminate the threat.

Of course this is perfect for what it is designed for. 

You need to be able to react instinctively and aggressively to a real danger. 

But in every other situation - such as being stressed or afraid because you have a problem in your life - then in these situations, the fear response is not only not going to help, but it’s going to hinder you in finding a solution to the problem.

So fear really is the enemy. 

Fear is the only thing standing between you and your ideal life. 

It’s the only thing stopping your brain from doing its job in ensuring you have everything you need for a life of true happiness and fulfilment.

So if your #1 goal in life is to get rid of your fears so that your brain can work the right way to ensure you live in the strongest, healthiest and happiest  way possible, how do you do that? 

Well that’s what I show people how to do with my Neuro-State Rebalancing process. 

Neuro-State Rebalancing is the most effective way I know to eliminate your fears (many of which you’re not consciously aware that you have) and to start allowing your brain to work properly.

My purpose in these podcasts is to help you gain a deeper understanding of who you really are and what really creates the life that you have. 

And you’re probably discovering through listening, like I did when I discovered this information, that what really creates your life is quite different to what you thought it was. 

But the more you understand this information the more your life works properly - because you’re starting to allow your brain to work the right way. 

Today I want to share with you a concept that has the potential to accelerate your progress even further in becoming the best version of yourself you can possibly be.

To solve any problem you are currently facing, and to put you in control of your life.

Of all the ideas I’ve been sharing with you in these podcasts, I can’t think of another that is more important than this one.

Once you understand this idea and apply it to your own life, you will be amazed at what starts to happen. 

But let me warn you, applying this idea isn’t easy. 

Your brain is going to struggle with it. 

It’s not going to like it. 

It’s probably going to come up with all sorts of objections, and say things to you like:

“That can’t be right.” 

And more significantly, your brain is going to want to deny it. 

It’s going to say:

“I don’t want to do this. 

Surely there is another way.” 

When you get thoughts like this, or any feelings of anxiety or unease, just realise that all of those are a reaction from your Survival Brain wanting to stay in charge. And that’s using your brain the wrong way, isn’t it?

Because the only time that you should allow your Survival Brain to be in charge is when there’s an immediate danger. 

So be prepared for that reaction, especially when you try to implement the ideas I’m going to share with you today. 

You’re going to feel some discomfort.

But don’t worry, because what you’re going to discover has the potential to remove permanently most of the discomfort from your life. 

It’s that powerful.

Ok, so that’s enough of a preamble. 

What am I talking about here?

Well what I’m talking about is the single thing that stops you most from succeeding in getting what you really want in your life. 

It gives you a life of struggle rather than ease. 

It makes you feel stressed, worried and afraid rather than happy and fulfilled.

It makes you doing the wrong things so that you make problems worse rather than the right things that keep problems away.

And it makes you feel weak and vulnerable rather than feeling the power that comes from being in control of your life. 

Let me illustrate what this thing is with an example. 

For the last few years I have spent most of my time living on a yacht. 

It was one of my dreams to sail the world and thanks to learning to use my brain the right way, it’s a dream I’ve been able to fulfil.

But here’s something interesting about my yacht. 

And it’s true of every other boat. 

My yacht lives in the water and over time what happens is that barnacles and other marine plants begin to grow on the bottom, on the hull under the water. 

And once a year the boat needs to be taken out of the water so that all of this marine life is cleaned off. 

And it has to be removed because what all this growth does is that it slows the boat’s movement through the water.

 And the more growth on the bottom of the boat, the slower the boat goes. 

If there is too much, the boat struggles to move at all, even when I use the engine on full power.

So this growth is not a good thing. It causes the boat to be slower, use more fuel and struggle to go anywhere.

Now you might be thinking - even if you’re not a sailor - well that’s pretty obvious. 

So you have resistance caused by growth on the bottom of your boat?

What’s unusual about that? 

After all, anywhere you have some resistance it’s going to interfere and make movement slower and more difficult. 

When you ride your bike it’s a lot slower when you’re pedalling into a strong wind than when you have the wind behind you.

But here’s the thing that very few people realise:

The same law of resistance also applies to your own life’s progress.

If you want to make progress in your life - if you want to go faster - then you need to get rid of anything that is causing resistance.


The less the resistance, the faster you go.

This is true of every aspect of your life - your relationships, your finances, your career.

Any resistance that you put up is not only going to slow you down, it’s going to cause you to put in far more effort than you need to. 

And it’s going to create problems for you.

Think about anything in your life at the moment that you’re not happy about, any problem that you’re facing. 

Isn’t it true that it’s causing you to struggle, whether it be with feelings of fear or frustration? 

And isn’t it also true that you’re resisting the problem. 

You’re trying to fight it, to solve it and eliminate it from your life.

Of course, fighting something or struggling with it is the opposite to just letting it go and not putting up any resistance. 

When you fight something, you’re resisting what is

You’re not accepting what is

You’re trying to change things. 

You’re trying to find a solution.

Now you might be thinking: 

“But hang on Liam. 

How can I solve a problem if I don’t try to solve it? 

Surely I can’t just ignore it and hope it goes away? 

That will only make things worse. 

I can’t just give up and do nothing.”

Well I’m not suggesting you do nothing and we’ll look at what you should do shortly. 

But for now I just want you to see that resistance is part of a law of nature.

And that resistance only slows things down and makes them more difficult. 

And that this applies to everything in nature, whether it be the hull of a yacht, riding a bike - or dealing with your problems. 


The less resistance the faster you go.

The less resistance the faster you go.

And not only the faster you go, but the easier the journey. 

The more fun it is. 

And the less energy you use.

And why does this work?

Why is this true?

 Well it’s all to do with how your brain works to solve problems and create your ideal life. 

Because, when you’re resisting something - when you’re struggling or battling to change things from the way they are now into something else that you desire to have - then you are feeling the emotions of frustration, worry, stress, anxiety and even fear.

And remember what happens when you feel all of these emotions? 

That’s right - you are in Survival State.

And you’re blocking the part of your brain that has all of the resources you need to solve the problem, such as imagination, creativity, insight and inspiration, and being able to see the “big picture” about your situation.

In its essence, resisting what is, and in fact even trying to change anything at all, is simply the result of fear. 

You’re afraid that you won’t have enough money to survive so you’re not happy with the amount of money you currently earn and you struggle to earn more. 

You have problems in your marriage or relationship and you’re afraid you will miss out on the love and intimacy you really want, so you struggle to solve the problems in the relationship.

And it’s all about resisting what is.

But the thing is - and it must be this way - that if you continue to put up resistance to what is going on in your life right now

If you struggle to change things - 

If you don’t accept the way things are

Then you’re never going to be able to solve the problems you have. 

You might find a temporary fix here or there.

But the problems themselves aren’t going to go away.

And pretty soon you’re going to have even more problems.

Think about what is happening in your own life right now. 

Is there something that you’re not happy with? 

Is there something that you would like to be different? 

Isn’t it true that whatever it is, making progress to finding a solution is difficult and feels like a struggle? 

Progress is slow and sometimes it feels like you’re not making any progress at all. 

Sometimes you might feel like you’re going backwards.

Well you’re not making progress because there is too much resistance. 

And you can’t move forward until you get rid of the resistance.

Ok, so what does it take to get rid of resistance?

Well it takes faith - which comes from understanding. 

From understanding who you really are and what your brain is and how it works.

And you have to do what every great teacher has been telling you to do throughout history. 

Which is:

Have faith, believe, trust, let go, stop trying and start allowing.

When you really do let go of resistance you stop fighting yourself and your situation. 

You stop using your Thinking Brain to try to figure out a solution (which it can never do - we saw why this is the case in the last episode).

And you stop using your Mechanical, Fear-Based Brain which can only react and do the wrong things.

Instead you open up your Creative Brain. 

When you do the full resources of the intelligence that drives everything in the universe are available to you. 

And these resources include the right information, the right people and circumstances to ensure that you live in the flow of life.

Unfortunately, stopping resisting has been given a bad name in our society. 

We’ve been taught to believe that stopping fighting, struggling and trying hard is a sign of weakness. 

That’s why we think that working hard is somehow a virtue. 

But we’re not here to work hard and overcome struggles and adversity. 

We’re here to enjoy our life. 

The natural flow of life is without struggle, 

It’s the same everywhere in nature. 

And that’s the way it should be for you too.

Of course there’s a difference between giving up resistance and doing nothing. 

Stopping resisting doesn’t mean that you give in to a threat and allow yourself to be injured, hurt or even killed. 

But it does mean to stop acting through fear when there is no immediate threat. 

So that you live in your most powerful and resourceful state, which is your Natural Creative State.

And it’s because that it’s only in this state that you know who you really are, that your brain really works in that way that will give you the right results in your life. 

And it all comes from giving up resistance because I say again:

The less resistance, the faster you go.

If giving up resistance to the problems in your life situation, accepting what is and knowing that your brain will do exactly what is necessary to remove the problems and give your your ideal life, if that is the key - and it is - how do you do that?

Well you might think that it takes courage, and yes it does to start with.

But the more you understand how your brain works, and the more you experience the results of living without resisting, the more you will trust yourself and your Creative Brain and the less courage you need.

This is what Neuro-State Rebalancing does for you. 

The Neuro-State Rebalancing process teaches your brain the difference between real and imaginary fears. 

Once you apply Neuro-State Rebalancing to any problem in your life, you automatically give up resistance. 

You open up the creative part of your brain, and life starts to flow. 

And the less resistance, the faster you go - in the right direction. You can learn Neuro-State Rebalancing in my coaching program. 

You’ll find the details on my website liamnaden.com.

But for now, decide that for the next few minutes, for the rest of this time we’re sharing together, that you’re going to give up resistance in your life. 

Bring your attention to the present moment, the only moment in time that exists. 

And ask yourself:

“What am I resisting in my life?”

“What is something about my life that I’m struggling with? 

What’s something that I would like to be different? 

What is something that is causing me to feel pain, fear, worry, stress or frustration? 

What is something that is making me unhappy?”

It could be something about your marriage or relationship that is bothering you. 

It could be in your business or your career. 

It could be something going on in the world that is making you feel overwhelmed and helpless.

But whatever it is, think about this problem that you have.

And as you think about the thing that is bothering you, the thing that is stopping you from feeling totally happy and relaxed about your life, decide that, at least for a little while, you’re going to give up resisting it. 

You’re going to stop fighting, struggling, worrying, stressing or trying to find a solution. 

You’re going to stop feeling that there isn’t a solution and that things are hopeless.

Instead, say to yourself: 

“I’m going to let go of the struggle with this. 

I’m going to turn it over to my Creative Brain. 

I’m going to let go. 

And no matter what happens, I’m going to trust that there is a part of me - a part of my brain - that has my best interests at heart. 

It wants the best for me. 

It wants me to sort this problem out. 

And I might not know what to do, but this part of my brain does. 

It’s the same part that keeps me breathing and my heart beating without me having to think about it or to worry whether it’s going to happen or not.

So I’m going to let this part of my brain do the work. 

I’m not going to try to be in charge any more, 

I’m going to let this part of me be in charge. 

I’m not going to worry about what happens. 

I’m going to listen to the voice inside me telling me what to do - or not do to. 

And even though I might be afraid to act on what that small voice tells me, I’m just going to trust it. 

I’m going to get to know that part of me that is really in control of my life.

All the while knowing: 

The less resistance, the faster I go. 

The less resistance the faster I go. 

The less resistance the faster I go.

Try this any time  when things don’t seem to be going right and when a problem or difficult situation arises in your life.  

Instead of trying to fix the problem or situation, just stop. 

Stop and let go. 


Wait and trust, knowing that the right thing will happen at exactly the right time. 

You’ll know what to do - if and when you need to do it. 

You can’t make a mistake when you’re in this state, because this is when you are in the natural state of flow of all life, where there are no mistakes.

And just keep reminding yourself of the truth:

The less resistance, the faster I go.

That’s all for this episode of Using Your Brain for Success. 

I look forward to sharing with you in future episodes a lot more about how you can truly create an extraordinary life using the incredible power of your brain. 

And if you’d really like to become the master of your own life, check out Neuro-State Rebalancing. 

Neuro-State Rebalancing will get your brain working to give you everything you really want in your life, without stress, struggle or resistance.  

You can sign up for my Neuro-State Rebalancing coaching program at my website  liamden.com.

It’s been a pleasure being with you. 

All the best and bye for now.

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