As you know by now, the purpose of your brain - the most powerful computer on the planet - is to ensure you live your life’s purpose…

Which is:

To survive and thrive.

And your best chance for doing that is by being the best you can be -  your strongest, healthiest, happiest and most resourceful.

You’ll also recall that there are four parts to your brain. 

You have the Rational Brain for thinking, communication and gathering and storing information…

Your Emotional Brain for your feelings…

Your Mechanical Brain which directs of all of your automatic survival functions and also your ‘fight or flight’ instincts.  

And you have your Creative Brain, the part that  is really in charge of the other three parts and has the most important role to play in ensuring you are the best you can be. 

Because it’s your Creative Brain that is the source of everything you need to live your life purpose - the ideas, insights, people, circumstances, abilities, inspiration, imagination, creativity and awareness - all of the things that really make your life great.  

Here we’re going to answer the question: 

How do you use your brain in such as way that it does its job and makes you the best you can be? 

And how do you use it the most effective way to solve any problem you are facing in your life? 

Remember, your brain, despite its almost limitless power, is just a machine. 

And you can use it to get any result you want. 

But if you use it the wrong way, you’re going to get results that you don’t want.

Let’s begin by understanding that the brain does its job to keep you at your best by keeping your body and mind - your whole organism, if you like -  in one of two biological states or conditions.

The first state is when you are actually living your purpose. 

This is your natural state. 

It’s the way you’re designed to live. 

I call it your Natural Creative State, but it has been given other names. 

Biologically, this state is called Homeostasis, which Wikipedia defines it as:

“the dynamic state of equilibrium that is the condition of optimal functioning for the organism.” 

And this is the natural state not just for humans but for every living species on the planet.

This state has also been called “being in the flow”, “in the zone”or even “enlightenment”. 

I’m sure you’ve experienced this state at some time in your life, where you felt great.

Where things just seemed to happen almost effortlessly. 

Where you lost sense of time and just became caught up in what you were doing. 

When you were truly living in the moment. 

Many athletes and artists have described this state. 

It’s where you find yourself performing in a way that seems to tap into a greater strength or power.

Wouldn’t it be great to live like this all the time? 

Well, actually you’re designed to. 

But is there ever a situation when you wouldn’t or shouldn’t live in this Natural Creative State? 

Well actually there is.

One, and only one.

And that is when something comes along and presents itself as an immediate danger or threat to your survival

It’s when the lion jumps out at you from behind a rock and wants to eat you. 

In such a situation, your brain puts you Into a different state, one which is best able to fight off or protect you from that immediate danger. 

And that of course is your Survival State.

I call it your Reactive Survival State, and I’ll explain why shortly. 

But you will know of this state by its other names such as your “fight, flight or freeze state”, or “survival mode”.

This is when your brain uses a different set of resources to deal with an emergency - something that needs to be eliminated right now or you will be harmed or even killed.

So the question becomes: 

How does your brain do this?  

How does it know which state you should be in? 

How does it recognise there is a danger to your survival?

And how does it deal with the situation in the best way, most effective way? 

And - most importantly - what does any of have to do with solving problems in your life?

How your brain operates these two states is the key to understanding how to solve any problem in your life, quickly and effectively.

And it also editing to discovering your true life purpose and how to live with you in control, rather than feeling at the mercy of circumstances or events outside of you. 

It really is that powerful.

The way your brain decides which state is appropriate for your situation in every moment,  is through your Emotional Brain

In fact, the sole purpose of your Emotional Brain is to be the gatekeeper - the watchman - that is  on the constant lookout for any danger. 

And its  sole job is to tell the rest of your brain - in every single moment of your life - whether everything is safe…

in which case you can stay in your Natural Creative State living your purpose and being your best,

Or whether something is a threat and you need to jump into Reactive Survival State to eliminate it.

And the signals your Emotional Brain uses to tell the rest of your brain which state to be in - is your feelings. 

Simply put, feeling good is simply a signal from your Emotional Brain that everything in your environment is safe. 

And feeling bad - such as being afraid, worried or stressed - is a signal that you are facing an immediate threat that needs to be dealt with.

Now at this point you might be thinking: 

But what about problems in my life? They’re not usually an immediate threat to my survival but they still make me feel bad!”

Perhaps you have financial problems or relationship problems.  

But that doesn’t mean that something or someone is standing in front of you right now ready to kill you - not usually anyway.

So how can it be that you feel bad about something that isn’t an immediate danger, if that’s not the way your brain works?

What is actually happening is that when you feel bad about a problem - your Emotional Brain is seeing that that problem actually IS an immediate threat to your survival, or that it may harm you in some way.

Now it probably isn’t of course, and you know that - but that’s not what your Emotional Brain is seeing. 

Your Emotional Brain is literally interpreting a problem you have - as being a a threat to your immediate survival.  

And it does that - not because it’s designed to - but because you’re using it the wrong way. 

We’ll look at why that’s the case shortly.

And here’s what’s even worse.  

Because your Emotional Brain sees that a problem is a threat to your survival - even when it isn’t - and therefore it makes you feel bad:

When you feel bad about a problem, you actually block your brain’s ability to solve it!

That’s the real reason why you struggle with problems. 

By feeling bad about something that you perceive as a problem, you cut off the resources your brain needs to solve it.

I’d be willing to bet there are very few problems in your life you’ve ever been able to get solve quickly and easily. 

Sadly, most people struggle with the same problems for a long time. 

Couples with marriage problems may spend months or even years in counselling. 

People with financial problems often struggle for their whole lives.

And all because, when you are stressed, worried or afraid about something, your brain can’t help you find the best solution.

Now you may wonder if there is a solution at all if feeing stressed is not helping. 

“After all,” you say, “Even if I accept this to be true, how you can possibly expect me NOT to feel stressed and worried about my problems”

“It’s all very well for you Liam - you don’t have to deal with what I have to deal with.”

Well the truth is there is a way to not let stress and fear block you from accessing the full resources of your brain. 

There is a way to not feel stressed about your problems, and it doesn’t involve smoking anything! 

Let’s look at what happens in your brain - and therefore in your body -  when you feel good (in your Natural Creative State) and when you feel bad (in your Reactive Survival State to fight off a threat).

When you feel good, those feelings active something called your Parasympathetic Nervous System

That’s when you are in Homeostasis, in perfect balance and equilibrium and in your Natural Creative State.

But when you feel bad - which is when your Emotional Brain is signalling there is an immediate threat to your survival - that activates something called your Sympathetic Nervous System

And when that happens, every activity and function in your body is re-directed, away from being in equilibrium and to dealing with the danger. 

All of your energy, resources and focus goes towards that. 

Physically, your heart beats harder and faster, your breathing becomes faster and shallower so that more oxygen and energy is sent to your muscles to enable you to fight or run. 

Anything that might be using unnecessary energy is also shut down. 

This includes functions such as your digestion (it’s why people often lose their appetite when they’re feeling anxious or afraid). 

Your digestion uses a lot of your energy, energy that could be better used to fight a threat. 

So that’s what happens.

And what’s another part of your body that uses a lot of energy?

In fact, which part of you uses more than 20% of all your energy, but only accounts for 2% of your total weight? 

It’s your brain!

And a lot of that brain energy is not only unnecessary when you are needing to fight off an attacker, it could even be harmful if you were to use it.

To understand this, imagine a situation where you’re a primitive hunter and you’re out hunting in the wilderness. 

And a lion leaps out from behind a rock at you, roaring and baring its teeth (the same lion mentioned previously!)

You’re going to act - or react - by instinct. 

You’re going to run or stand and fight. 

You might cry out for help. 

All of these are instinctive responses which are going to give you your best chance of survival.

But do you need to use your thinking brain in this situation? 

Would that be helpful?


 In fact, if you were to use your thinking or creative brain resources in such a situation it could prove fatal for you. 

Imagine your brain decided it needed to think about the dangerous situation with the lion…

That it needed to plan a strategy, and to evaluate all the facts in order to make a decision on what to do. 

You’d come to a rather unpleasant end, wouldn’t you?

So this survival mechanism, where your Emotional Brain stays on the lookout for immediate danger -  it is perfect for what it is designed to do.

It’s perfect in getting your brain to react immediately - by instinct and without thinking, so that you take all the steps necessary to remove the danger as quickly and effectively as possible.  

But here’s the “problem” if you want to call it that, about how your brain operates to keep you in your Natural Creative State and to only take you out of that state to eliminate immediate dangers when they arise:

The mechanism of your brain is not designed to handle things you call your “problems”. 

Anything that make you feel bad - unhappy, afraid, stressed or worried - but which which isn’t a threat to your immediate survival. 

Such as when you don’t have enough money to enable you to have all of the things you want, or when your relationship is unhappy and filled with conflict. 

These issues need the higher resources of your Creative Brain to be able to solve. 

To effectively solve a problem, rather than just react to an immediate danger, you need to be able to think. 

You need to be able to see the big picture.

To see all of the facts of the situation so that you can make a proper evaluation. 

You need to find creative solutions, new ideas, new approaches. 

You need to consider all these things so that you can take the most effective actions - the ones that give you the right results.

But you can’t do any of these things when you’re feeling stressed, worried or afraid - because your brain is telling you there is an immediate threat to your survival. 

And so it shuts down the thinking parts of your brain. 

You simply don’t have access to these resources. 

The very things you need to solve a problem are not available to you.

Have you ever been in a situation where a friend has had a problem and you’ve been able to see clearly what they should do - but they haven’t been able to see it?

Perhaps someone you know was in a bad relationship and you could see that the right thing for them to do was to end it. 

But they couldn’t see that, and even thought the relationship was harming to them (it might have even been abusive), they stayed and they tried to fix it, when it was beyond fixing. 

You could see the solution - because your brain wasn’t making you feel afraid. 

But for them, their fear and anxiety meant that their brain couldn’t help them to see the solution. 

Isn’t this really ironic - that the parts of your brain that you need to be able to use to solve problems, are not available to you when you have a problem!

Does that mean your brain can’t be used to solve problems? 

Yes and no. 

The real answer (and I know this may sound controversial) is that when you use your brain the right way you don’t actually have problems. 

The only way you have problems is when you’re using your brain the wrong way. 

When you start using your brain the right way, it will clean up any problems you do have and get you back on track living your biological purpose - which doesn’t include problems!

So your natural state - along with every other biological species on the planet - is to live in the flow of life.

‘In the zone ‘and being the strongest, healthiest and happiest you can be. 

And dealing with any immediate threats to your survival if and when they present themselves - quickly, easily and effectively.

There is no place in the natural world, or your natural life, for problems.

I know that’s difficult to believe. 

And I can hear you saying:

“A life without problems - are you kidding me?”

I’m not kidding you, and the more I share with you about your brain, how it works, what it is and who and what YOU really are, the more you will realise that it is true.

And remember, just because everyone you know has problems, doesn’t mean that it’s natural. 

Many people would say that the world today is filled with disfunction and problems. 

What’s really dysfunctional is how people are using their brains. 

If they learned how to use their brain the right way, their problems would disappear.

The most important thing to remember here is:

You can never solve your problems when you’re feeling stressed, worried, afraid or any other negative emotion. 

When you feel bad you block access to your brain’s problem-solving resources.

The only way you can solve problems - and minimise your problems - and the only way you can ever feel truly in control of your life, and that you are living your life purpose is to use the full resources of your brain which are only available to you when you are in your Natural Creative State

-  in other words when you are feeling good, not bad.

And you do this by using your brain the right way.

I’m sure you have many questions about all of this. About how your brain works, about how you create problems and how you solve them to create the life you are designed to live, being the best you can be.

This is why I have created Neuro-State Rebalancing (NSR). NSR is a process that keeps your brain in your natural state, your  Natural Creative State so that you have access to all of your brain’s resources. NSR puts you in the flow of life, living the way you are supposed to - being the best you can be.

I teach this in my NSR coaching program and if you really would like to get rid of your problems and start living the way you are meant to, I really would encourage you to take a look at that. You’ll find the details at my website,

There is plenty of information to absorb in this section, but for now, just bring your attention to the present moment. 

And let me ask you:

Wouldn’t it be great to go through your life feeling good all the time? 

Feeling at your best, your most resourceful. 

Feeling in control of your life, making great decisions and seeing great results in every area of your life. 

Being  creative, resourceful, and having a true understanding and awareness of who you really are and what your life purpose is. 

Feeling in the flow of life, rather than feeling like you are fighting against life all the time.

Well you can, and you don’t need to take anything to do it. 

You only need to start using your brain the right way. 

Because  feeling vibrantly alive on every level of your being, physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually - that’s the way you’re designed to be. 

That’s your Natural Creative State. 

That is what creates the best version of YOU, and being you is who you have been created to be.

And if something unexpected comes along that really could harm you in that moment, something that is a real and immediate threat to your physical body -  to your survival - then your brain can temporarily put you into a different state.

Your Reactive Survival State.

And do what is necessary to remove that threat as quickly and easily as possible. 

So that you go back to living your purpose: being in your Natural Creative State and feeling good - as quickly as possible.

This is the way you are designed to live. 

It’s the way your brain has been designed to operate. 

Nothing and no-one in this universe wants you to have fear, stress and problems in your life. 

All that fear, stress and problems do is damage you and take away from living your purpose.

And all you need to do to live this way is to just get your brain doing its job the right way. 

Your brain is the most astounding machine that exists. 

It has a power that is virtually limitless. 

And all of that power exists for only one purpose:

To express the greatness of who you really are.  

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