Are You Willing to Give It 30 Days to Save Your Marriage?

  • Are you and your spouse facing a breakup?
  • Do you want to save your marriage but your spouse doesn’t?
  • Have you tried traditional counselling and/or therapy and it hasn’t helped – or even made things worse?
  • Are you at your wits end and just don’t know what to do to keep your marriage together?
  • Are you or your spouse so filled with pain and hurt that you don’t even know if you want to save your marriage any more?

If any of these apply to you - you’ve come to the right place

I’m Liam Naden and if you’re willing to spend 30 days with me I can help you save your marriage – no matter what state it’s currently in. I’m a marriage coach and best-selling author and I have already helped many couples take their marriage from a place of pain and despair to joy and happiness.

If your marriage is in trouble there is one thing I can promise you:

You have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA how devastating ending your marriage will be – until it happens to you.

In fact, NOTHING can prepare you for the hell you will experience in going through a divorce. For most people, it is the WORST experience of their life, and they nearly always wish that they had tried just a little harder to save their marriage.


  • Having that special person you chose to be your lover and soulmate NO LONGER a part of your life
  • Not waking up to your children EVERY day; not sharing in the excitement of their first experiences as they grow up; not always being there for them as they experience their good and bad moments; not being able to give them all the love and attention that you as a dutiful parent want to give
  • The devastation of losing at least half of what you own, not to mention the legal bills that can easily run into tens of thousands of dollars for even the ‘simplest’ of divorces
  • Realizing the awful truth that the end of your marriage is the end of all your dreams
  • The emotional heartache of seeing your best friends taking sides – and refusing to speak to you ever again

You owe it to yourself and your family to do EVERYTHING to make sure this doesn’t happen to you!

Now for the good news…

Saving your marriage is actually not as difficult as you think!

But you DO need the RIGHT information – and you are just one step away from finding it.

Introducing my Save Your Marriage program. This revolutionary system has been specifically designed for couples who are facing the agony of their marriage ending. In this powerful 30-day program you will learn to reconnect with your spouse in ways you never thought possible – and save your marriage.

Just some of what you will learn in the Save Your Marriage Program:

  • How to stop your spouse from leaving – or bring them back if they have already gone.
  • How to end the hurt, pain and resentment you and your spouse are feeling, no matter what has happened (including the pain of an affair, emotional abuse or betrayal)
  • How to truly and deeply forgive your spouse for past hurts
  • How to get your spouse to give you everything you want in your marriage – while giving them everything they want
  • How to rebuild attraction by understanding each others’ “love language” (do this and they will never want to leave)
  • How to create an amazing sex life (even if it has become non-existent)
  • How to stop financial, family and other pressures from ruining your relationship
  • How to get your spouse to be affectionate to you
  • How to get your spouse to really listen to you
  • How to stop your spouse from being abusive towards you`
  • How to stop arguments once and for all
  • How to stop your spouse from continuing with an affair
  • How to get you and your spouse interested in each other again
  • How to build trust between your and your spouse again
  • How to change your spouse’s behaviour
  • How to deal with a suspicious or controlling spouse
  • How to deal with the problems that are driving you and your spouse apart
  • How to really save your marriage – no matter how hopeless things may appear

At this dreadful time in my Life when it's hard to find things to be grateful for (although I do have some really important reasons for gratitude); I count myself extremely grateful to have stumbled upon your podcasts which led me to your programs about two months ago. Thank God!!! And Thank you!!!!!

- Margaret M., New York
When I joined this program I was desperate, the women I loved, my best friend of over 25 years and mother of my 3 children had sparked a flame with an old boyfriend and came home from a trip wanting a divorce. My world crashed and I saw everything I loved walking out the door with her. Joining this program was a hope and a prayer and to be honest I didn’t think it would work but I felt I had to try something.
Thank goodness I did! It not only changed her decision, but it changed me. I am confident, stronger than ever and have benefitted from realizing what was missing in my life, my marriage and our kids lives. Change was and is hard, and not every idea came with a positive outcome, but the totality of the ideas did give me the outcome I wanted and deserved.
I wasn’t a believer but I certainly am now.
- Nathan Kardish, California

This is NOT counselling

Marriage counselling has a 70% failure rate!

This is a cutting-edge breakthrough in relationship transformation that will show you how to literally ‘rewire’ your marriage for true and permanent love and happiness – and create a level of passion and intimacy you might never have thought was possible.

Enrol Now!


  • Feeling happy being with your spouse every day
  • Being able to tell your spouse exactly what makes you happy, without any fear of ridicule or hurt
  • Sharing exciting new adventures together
  • Removing all traces of pain and hurt from the past – permanently
  • Raising your children to be happy and successful  in the world – all because they were brought up by both parents in a happy and loving home

Thank you for offering this program; it is refreshing to have found this in sifting through (I feel) so much misguided and/or ineffective advice. I feel truly encouraged and hopeful in repairing my relationship.

- H.P., New York

I found this program very valuable because it offers step-by-step guidance and real solutions.

- S.W., Oregon

It is estimated that only 3% of couples are happily married. They do, say and think things that are different to everyone else – and enjoy an amazing relationship that only gets better with time.

The Save Your Marriage program teaches you what that 3% do – and how to do the same things yourself. If you do these things you will get the same result. It is predictable with 100% accuracy.

You will finally understand how YOUR relationship works!

  • understand what you are both doing that is literally pushing you away from each other – and stop it
  • understand the powerful “drivers” that create real attraction in your spouse – and do them virtually effortlessly so that they literally fall in love with you again – even if they say the attraction has gone forever
  • how YOU can get all your needs met – while meeting your spouse’s as well.

I was listening to the program and did all the things you suggested and it worked!!! In 3 weeks I started to see results.
Unbelievable, I thought we didn't have a chance to stopping the divorce, I tried everything before and look what happened with this one!!
I'm really amazed and satisfied, now i'm even happier than I used to be when we were dating, we are more mature, and we keep growing every day.
Thank you very much, I've never had the chance to say thank you before.
You are doing  a wonderful job. Thanks for making people's life better.

- Karina, Bogotá, Colombia

How the Save Your Marriage program works:

  • Daily Lessons

    The program is structured into daily lessons, one a day for 30 days. Just listen to the audio and complete the daily exercise. You could start seeing a shift in your relationship in just a few days – and a complete transformation by the end of 30 days.

  • Instant Access

    If your marriage is in crisis you need to start right away! Because of that, this program is delivered online.  You will receive instant access to the materials.

  • FREE Special Bonuses

    6 Special Bonuses, alone valued at $401! See what these bonuses are below.

Program Outline

Module 1: Introduction

  • Why your marriage is really in trouble (it’s almost certainly not what you think)
  • The four myths that keep people in a state of permanent pain in their marriage

Module 2: Heal the Hurt

  • How to overcome any hurt in your marriage – permanently and quickly
  • How to truly forgive your spouse, no matter what they have done
  • How to get over the hurt from an affair
  • How to ensure you are not taken advantage of in your marriage
  • How to make a fresh start
  • How to get your spouse to forgive you
  • How to immediately break the cycle of hurt and pain and begin to make a fresh start in your marriage – even if your spouse is unwilling or not interested

Module 3: Getting What You Really Want and Need – While Still Meeting Your Spouse’s Needs

  • How to know what you really want from your marriage
  • How to ensure YOUR needs are met in your marriage
  • Build the picture of your ideal marriage – and begin to create it right away

Module 4: Rebuilding the Attraction

  • How to get your spouse instantly and deeply attracted to you again
  • How to create a level of attraction that will make them never want to leave you
  • How to make your spouse feel truly and deeply loved by you

Module 5: Transform Your Communication

  • How to finally get your spouse to hear and understand what you are trying to say
  • The three communication languages: what they are and how to use them
  • How to eliminate arguments from your marriage
  • How to get the two of you talking the same language
  • How to take your communication to a new level
  • How to share your innermost thoughts and feelings without fear of rejection or hurt

Module 6: Create Sizzling Intimacy

  • How to create an amazing sexual relationship
  • How to get your spouse to totally fulfil you sexually
  • How to create deep trust and intimacy in your sex life

Module 7: Create the Ultimate Sexual Relationship

  • The magic formula that keeps your sex life fresh and exciting
  • How to overcome issues of low libido
  • How to unlock your spouse’s deepest sexual desires

Module 8: Growing in Love for Life

  • How to ensure your marriage remains fresh and exciting
  • How to stop problems before they develop
  • How to ensure your marriage will endure – in spite of outside pressures or problems
  • How to create a marriage that is is a haven of love and deep joy

Plus Act Now and Get These 6 Exclusive Bonuses (valued at $401) .... Absolutely Free!

  • FREE Bonus #1: Stop Your Divorce! How To Save Your Marriage When Your Spouse Doesn’t Want To ($167 value)

    This is my other signature program. A step-by-step 7-day course that shows you exactly how to bring your spouse back to you, even if they are wanting to walk out the door or are having an affair. Normally $167 – it’s included free with the Save Your Marriage program.

  • Bonus #2: Full Access to the Growing in Love for Life podcast library for 3 months ($57 value)

    These podcasts build on what you learn in the program and help you to save your marriage even faster and more effectively. Many people find them just as valuable as the program itself! You will receive exclusive access to the complete episodes of ALL of my podcasts for a period of 3 months. Download them and listen to them at your leisure. These podcasts are NOT available separately. ONLY when you purchase my marriage-saving program.

  • Free Bonus #3: A Private Telephone Consultation Session with me, Liam Naden (30 min)

    I will talk to you by telephone to help you and answer any questions you have as well as give you further advice in saving and transforming your marriage. This will be an invaluable session, to be held at a time convenient to you. If you wish, the call can be recorded and made available to you.

  • Free Bonus #4: Get My “Real Intimacy: The 9 Habits of Great Relationships” Ebook. ($19 value)

    9 Habits Book CoverWhen I first wrote and published this book, world-renowned romance author Michael Webb commented: “Wonderfully done!” I no longer sell the book. It is available exclusively for YOU when you purchase my Stop Your Divorce program. In this book I show you the 9 things you need to do to guarantee a great relationship with your spouse – a relationship filled with passion, intimacy and sexual excitement. These are the 9 things that ALL couples in great relationships do. Start doing them yourself – and see your relationship or marriage transform!

  • Free Bonus #5: The Four Marriage Insights ($49 value)

    One of the most difficult things about saving and rebuilding your marriage is staying on track. These four Insights contain vital information that will ensure that you stay focussed until you reach your goal. Sent you one a week over the course of the program, this is some of the most powerful information you will receive from me – it is not information I share anywhere else.

  • FREE Bonus #6: My Ebook, "The Five Pillars of a Great Marriage" ($19 value)

    All great marriages are built on five fundamental principles, which I call Pillars. In this book you will learn what they are and how to apply them. It will make your marriage unshakeable, no matter what else happens in your life. We all want a rock-solid marriage – and this book shows you how to create one.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much time does it take?

    Each session is relatively short. Allow about 30 minutes a day to listen to the audio and complete the exercises. You can listen to most of the audios while doing something else, such as driving or working out.

  • Do I have to do a session every day? What happens if I miss a day?

    It is best to do the program every day. The sessions are short and enjoyable and you will probably find yourself looking forward to them! However, if you miss a day here or there, no problem. Just carry on where you left off.

  • Can I play the audios on my MP3 player?

    Yes. You can download the audios to listen to anywhere that is convenient for you. A good idea is to listen to them in your car while you are driving.

  • Should I tell my spouse I am doing this program?

    That is really up to you. The program is designed so that you can complete it on your own with or without them knowing about it. The program is also designed for couples to work on together, although this is not essential for it to work.

  • Is this course anything to do with subliminal messages, mind control or any other ways of manipulating or controlling my spouse?

    Absolutely not. Everything in the program is straightforward and powerful, without resorting to mind control and trickery (which doesn’t work anyway).

  • I don’t want my spouse to know about this. What will appear on my credit card statement for this payment?

    Your credit card payment will appear as ‘PAYPAL’. And rest assured all of your information is totally confidential and we will never share your details with anyone else, including your spouse.

Save Your Marriage NOW

The Save Your Marriage program is a fraction of the cost of  just a few counseling sessions. It is also a drop in the ocean compared to the tens of thousands of dollars a divorce will cost you (not the mention the pain, heartache and family separation you will experience).

The price for the Save Your Marriage program (including the private telephone consultation with me) is normally $997, but for a limited time it is available to you for just $397 or 3 weekly payments of $147.

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Normal price: $997
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  • 28 daily audio modules
  • 28 daily worksheets
  • Private telephone consultation with Liam Naden
  • Special Bonuses valued at $401
Normal price: $997
For a limited time: $397 (or 3 weekly payments of $147)
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Let me ask you…

If one of your children came to you and said:

“Daddy or Mommy, I wish you had stayed together – did you really try everything to stay married?”

what would YOUR answer be…?

Could you look them in the eye and tell them you had the COURAGE to do whatever it took to create a happy marriage and that you refused to admit defeat?

Your marriage is too important to throw away. With just a little bit of the right information you can save it – and have the relationship you truly want and deserve.

I look forward to helping you.