Why do problems keep interfering with life?

We're often led to believe things like:

  • Life is meant to be hard
  • Problems are natural
  • Problems make you stronger and better
  • You will always have problems

So whether it's in our marriage, family, health, finances or career, we live on a rollercoaster of ups and downs.

All of this causes most of us to feel stressed, anxious, afraid - and worn out.

But what if life wasn't really supposed to be that way?

What if life really was meant to be problem-free? Where you could simply enjoy the experience of your life rather than feel it was a struggle?

I discuss why this is the case in a recent episode of the Chasing Happiness podcast with host Ryan DeMent.

I explain how problems are not natural, and how the natural world shows us the right way to deal with - and eliminate - the things that create stress in our life.

If you're feeling a bit overwhelmed with problems at the moment you will enjoy this episode.

Listen here: