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On one very desperate night, I googled "how to stop your divorce" and found your website and have since been working through your programme and finding instant relief from the panic attacks and pain I'd been experiencing for the past few months....
I've worked through your 7-day programme and am on Day 11 of your Save Your Marriage programme and I'm feeling inspired. It is truly amazing to see the positivity that comes back with every positive action I carry out. My husband has said some of the most beautiful things to me in response to my expressing my genuine gratitude for him and everything he means to me.

G.B., UK
Stop Your Divorce

7-Day Program

Total Value: $238
You Save $71


Happy Blended Family

7-Day Program

Normal Price $197

Introductory Offer
You Save $50


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I wanted to say thanks for your Stop Your Divorce Program. It's been really helpful and I'm in the early stages of implementing this - it's been the first useful thing I've heard in the year since my wife and I separated. For the first time I can understand my wife's mindset - in many ways she is enjoying having the control over me and how I am feeling. This understanding makes it much easier to know what I have to do - I have also stopped doing all the absolute no-no stuff.

Steve B., San Diego

Thank you for the fantastic course that you have developed! I have not been able to put it down because it has offered me hope and motivation for the first time in weeks.

Patricia P., Oregon, US