The Growing in Love for Life Podcast has become one of the most popular marriage-saving programs on the internet. Listen  as Liam describes common marriage problems and what to do about them.

I was fascinated by your pod casts and information you give for 'trying to save your marriage!' I find myself looking forward to receiving the emails about different aspects of marriage and about ourselves. I find them so informative even if I don't think they are relevant and then find out they are and some of the things can be used in other aspects of our lives too. Thank you and I look forward to reading/listening to so much more! It makes sense!

- Linda P., Canada

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Your podcasts are the best thing out there and I literally listen to you every night while going to sleep.

- Christina L., New York

My wife actually put me on to you. She sent me some audio files last week and told me she liked them. Your approach is rather different from what we've encountered previously. It has offered us both, I believe, a unique angle on our issues.

- T.B., Oklahoma, US


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I enjoy listening to your podcasts and have found them very helpful and uplifting. Whether or not this will keep my partner and I together, I don't know, but I do have the knowledge now,t thanks to your podcasts, to know what makes a marriage/relationship work and how to value myself and my worth. 

- Angela S., Florida, US

I just finished listening to all your podcast and I have and others have seen a big change in me. My marriage has gone from my wife wanting a divorce and me having to move out to us starting to go on dates and both of us talking about doing your 7 day and 30 programs. This has all happened in 3 weeks. Thank you so much.

- Stephen S., Atlanta

After taking on board and applying your ideas I have already seen a massive improvement in my relationship. I felt after 15 years together it's well worth giving it a go!

There has been a lot of resentment on my part because I was angry at my partner for not caring about me the way he used to. We had stopped communicating effectively, constant sniping at each other, sexless for years. It came to a head two months ago, neither of us could see how it could be fixed, we separated for a month, I realised I'd made a mistake, I wanted to try again he has been reluctant, however the last 7 days after listening to your podcasts things are getting better and better!

- Tanya P., California
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What Our Customers Have to Say

  • The first podcast I saw from Liam helped me a lot about what I needed to understand about myself, which is to become happy with myself. He stood out from others similar in this field in this way and I am eternally grateful for unlocking what was causing the misery in my marriage in an instant.

    Mary S. Mary S. California, US
  • Thank you for giving me insights that are opening up a whole new way of thinking.

    Rod O. Rod O. Vermont, US
  • I've completed the Stop Your Divorce program. I do have to say. I've checked out a couple of other programs and yours is something beyond great. The combination of audio and the written work. Excellent! I just hope it can save my marriage. It will make me a better man anyways. So it truly is a win-win program.

    Peter T. Peter T. Australia