Happy Blended Family

Stop all the problems and issues in your blended family (stepfamily) - quickly, easily and for good!

Create a truly harmonious and loving blended family so that you ALL move forward and create a wonderful life together.

Liam Naden

Dear Friend,

Let’s be honest…

Trying to create a happy blended family (stepfamily) is one of the most difficult things you’ve ever tried to do in your life!

After all, when you met your husband or wife, you just wanted to be with him or her. You fell in love and dreamed of creating a wonderful future together….

You didn’t bargain on taking on a whole other family. And you certainly didn’t realise how complicated things could be.

Even when things seem to go well, you find you’re spending a whole lot of time sorting out issues in your blended family - when you’d much rather be just having fun with your spouse and the children.

And often it seems like it doesn’t matter what you do, you can’t win……and it’s putting a strain on your marriage as well as you.

So IF:

  • You’re sick and tired of all the arguments and misunderstandings
  • Your stepchildren seem to resent you at times
  • You can’t seem to feel natural and just be yourself
  • You would like to get closer to your stepchildren but you don’t know how to
  • You feel your loyalties divide between your own children, your spouse and your stepchildren
  • And you feel that things could be a whole lot better in your blended household than they are, then...

I have some good news...

  • You CAN get rid of all of the dramas, misunderstandings and resentments.
  • You CAN have a stepfamily in which EVERYONE is happy and thriving.
  • You CAN start to relax in your family rather than feeling you’re walking on eggshells.

And best of all...

Your children and stepchildren can actually bring you and your spouse CLOSER together, rather than pushing you apart.


All you need to do is to change the way you think and act.
Believe me, this is actually very simple to do - IF you have the right information.

Because here’s the thing:

The only difference between a happy blended family and a miserable one is that in the happy family - the members look at things differently!

They realise that: a blended family is NOT the same as a “natural” family. There needs to be:

  • Different rules
  • Different expectations
  • And a different way to achieve what everyone wants: respect, recognition, peace and love

Watch the video below as I explain the problems in blended families and how to fix them:


I am so thankful that I found you online. I have been telling everyone about you and your programs.
Thank you again, I truly feel that you want to be able to help people.

Sarah H., California

Introducing a very special program for you and your family…..

The Happy Blended Family Program

This is a revolutionary program that will change the way you and your family members see your blended family forever - and show you exactly how to get things working - more quickly and easily than you can imagine.

Just some of what the Happy Blended Family program will show you:

For Parents/Stepparents:

  • How to stop disputes between you and your spouse over the step kids
  • How to stop arguments between family members once and for all
  • How to stop your stepchildren coming between you and your spouse
  • How to get your stepchildren to stop resenting you - and you resenting them
  • How to get your stepchildren (and children) to really respect you
  • How to get even the most stubborn stepchild to co-operate and want to contribute to the family
  • How to understand your stepchildren and children in a new way that will help them and you
  • How to build trust between you and your stepchildren
  • How to give your spouse, children and stepchildren the “right” love rather than the “wrong” love
  • How to put an end to the ex’s interfering with your marriage and family
  • How to use your children and stepchildren to bring you and your spouse CLOSER together in love and intimacy

For Children/Stepchildren:

  • How to get your parent and stepparent to understand and listen to you
  • What you can do to help stop the arguments between your parent and stepparent

I like the way you approach issues and it works. A big thank you.

Anthony M., Australia

​With the Blended Happy Family program you can look forward to:

  • You and your spouse being able to get on with creating a loving marriage - with the SUPPORT of your children and stepchildren
  • Having a loving, harmonious family life
  • Each and every family member being truly happy and respectful
  • Each and every family member feeling valued, respected and loved
  • Being the envy of your friends
  • The END of the arguments, fights, resentment and dramas
  • Being able to get on with the important things in life without constant family dramas
  • How to put an end to the ex’s interfering with your marriage and family
  • How to use your children and stepchildren to bring you and your spouse CLOSER together in love and intimacy

You will finally understand how a stepfamily (blended family) really works - and how to make YOURS work

This program has been “battle-tested in the field”

The methods in this program come from both my own experience (as a stepfather to 4 children aged 7 to 20 years!) and in working with many other couples and individuals struggling with their blended family.

Everyone I have shared this with has said to me: "I wish I’d known this years ago".

The system I have created will work for you too!

The Happy Blended Family is Set Up to Fit Into Your Busy Family Lifestyle! When I created the Happy Blended Family program I wanted to make sure that families would be able to fit it into their busy schedules.

So I designed the Happy Blended Family program to be instantly accessible and you can download all the materials onto your mobile device or computer.

And it’s available to every member of your family.


I like the way you approach issues and it works. A big thank you.

Anthony M., Australia

​How the program works:

Daily Lessons

The program is structured into daily lessons. Listen to the audio and complete the daily exercise. Listen to these either as a married couple (without your children/stepchildren) or as a family all together. Either way, you will start to see a shift in the family – and a reduction in the conflicts – almost immediately.

Instant Access

Start straight away! The program is delivered to you online. You will receive instant access to all the materials.

​​Here is what you get when you join today

5 Daily Lessons

That will teach you everything you need to create an exciting, harmonious and fun blended family.

Audios and Written Materials

Each lesson has audios, a written Lesson Summary and Lesson Exercises.

​Plus Act Now and Get These Exclusive Bonuses.... Absolutely Free!

Free Bonus #1: 

1-Month access to “Growing in Love for Life” Podcast Library ($19 value)

My podcast has become one of the most popular on the internet but most of the episodes are NOT available to the public.

You receive full access to the complete library: currently 63 episodes (some with worksheets) with more being added.

This is a collection of audios that you can access and listen to any time. Download them and keep them on your computer or mobile device for quick and easy reference.

The library covers a huge range of marriage problems and situations, with new solutions and insights.

It is a resource you will come back to again and again as you and your spouse grow closer together and gain new understandings of your marriage!

Free Bonus #2: 

“The Five Pillars of a Great Marriage” (EBook) ($19 value)

This is another book I have written that is exclusively yours through this program. It is not sold anywhere else.

You will learn the true secrets of a lasting and loving marriage: the Five Foundational Pillars on which all great marriages are built.

With these Five Pillars in place in your marriage, you won't have outside events knock you and your spouse off track. Your marriage will be virtually unbreakable. You will feel a sense of peace about your marriage, no matter what is going on around you. And not only that, you will be an inspiration to your family and friends as they see you and your spouse truly living the marriage that everyone dreams of yet very few attain!

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course including all trainings and resources


Thanks for all of the advice and for putting out this amazing program. With all of the tools and knowledge you have given me, my future looks bright.

Steve H., California

One thing is for sure:

Life is too short to be spending time trying to sort out dramas and conflict in your stepfamily!

After all, what is a happy blended family worth to you?

How much better would your life be? Your marriage?

Don’t you owe it to your spouse and your children - as well as your stepchildren - to do EVERYTHING you can to make their lives better and happier?

After all, these are the most important people in your life.

For less than the cost of a couple of counselling sessions, the Blended Happy Family program is your opportunity to finally sort your family life out.

Enrol today and let me help you get your family, your marriage - and your LIFE - back on track. The decision you make today may be the most important one you ever make for your family. Choose well!

All the best to you and your family.

Liam Naden

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