The ARROW Process

5 Steps to achieve any goal - with the certainty of an arrow hitting a bullseye.


Start where you are - by being aware of where you really are:

  • Acknowledge: that you have a problem or a goal you would like to reach.
  • Accept: that whatever you’re doing how isn’t working (you need a new approach).
  • Awaken: to the truth that what you think you want is not what you really want.


Look around for a real solution - a solution that is:

  • Proven: others have used this solution and achieved real results.
  • Logical: it makes sense and is easy to understand.
  • Actionable: it is something you can do.


  • Commit: to this new solution.
  • Act: follow through with as much of the right action as is necessary.


  • Overcome: the obstacles you will face.
  • Outlast: all of the “turmoil” created when you take new and effective actions.

W - WIN!

Reach your goal or solve your problem:

  • Recognise: that you have got there!
  • Celebrate: your success!
  • Appreciate: where you are and how far you have come!