About Liam

Liam Naden

Behind every problem is a fear. Remove the fear and you remove the problem.

Are Everyday Problems and Stress Natural?

Liam Naden doesn’t think so.

Through research into the brain, neuroscience, psychology and human behaviour - as well as his own personal transformation - Liam Naden has uncovered how your brain is biologically designed to bring you a happy and fulfilling life. Problems and stress are optional!

“Unless you are facing an immediate threat to your life, feeling stressed and having problems are simply the result of using your brain the wrong way. And when you rebalance your brain so that it functions the way it is designed to - you not only remove fear and stress, but you start making much better decisions, solving problems more effectively, seeing new opportunities and taking control of your own life.”

Liam’s own story is a rags to riches to rags to riches rollercoaster. After a successful life in business he became homeless and penniless before rebuilding his life in a much better - and happier - way.

This caused him to search for the real cause of success and failure in life - and he discovered through research and testing that it has to do with the mechanics of the brain.

“I’ve studied everything about how we get what we want in our life - including religion (prayer), meditation, hypnosis, motivation, goal setting, visualisation, self help techniques, the Law of Attraction, “changing beliefs”, “reprogramming your subconscious mind” and every technique I could find. And while these work for some people some of the time, the results aren’t consistent.
But when you learn to use your own brain the way it is designed to be used… you get the right result 100% of the time.”

Liam is a speaker, teacher, author and researcher. He teaches Neuro-State Rebalancing (NSR), a process for eliminating problems and taking control of your life by rebalancing the four parts of your brain.

Liam also has a number of highly-regarded programs for couples and individuals to help them heal their marriage or relationship. (Available at www.growinginloveforlife.com)