Your marriage and yourself: the keys to a great life

Liam Naden with Richard Phu on The Ultimate Man Coach podcast.

Liam shares his experience from multi-millionaire to losing everything and living on his mother’s sofa – to discovering his real purpose in life and now living the life he always wanted. In this episode Liam discusses:

  • What drives him to be the person who helps save marriages
  • The patterns every couple needs to break to have a loving and passionate relationship
  • 2 keys questions you need to ask yourself to really know what it is you desire, deeply
  • The secret behind how to know who’s the right person for YOU
  • Why put yourself first is the best thing you can ever do

About Liam:

Liam Naden is a marriage and relationships coach and best-selling author of more than 20 books and three highly-acclaimed marriage and relationship programs. He is the founder and director of Growing in Love for Life, an organisation dedicated to helping couples overcome the problems in their marriage and achieve their highest happiness and potential through a deep and passionate relationship.

He has gone on to share the information with others through his books, podcasts, programs and workshops. He now helps couples and individuals around the world to overcome whatever is stopping them from truly creating the relationship they want and deserve to have.